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Apsharanta: Sanctuary Update

8.0 image2.png

New Field: “Apsharanta”

1. New server-wide field, Apsharanta, has been added.

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‘아프사란타’는 과거 티아마트에게 암살당한 용제 ‘아프수’가 지배하던 땅이었습니다.

‘아프사란타’에 남겨진 ‘아프수’의 힘과 필드에서 발견되는 강력한 에너지원을 이난나의 각성에 사용하기 위해 스텔라 군단이 진격하였습니다. 그러나 이 땅에 남아 있던 ‘아프수’ 군단과 대치하게 되었고 이를 뒤늦게 파악한 천족과 마족이 진격하게 되면서 ‘아프사란타’는 숨겨진 힘을 차지하기 위한 여러 세력들의 격전지가 됩니다.

여러 세력들이 각축전을 벌이자 승기를 잡기위해 천족과 마족은 주신이 직접 전선에 등장하여 지휘하게 됩니다. 승리를 위해 주신의 군단에 합류하여 작전지를 점령하고 군단의 임무를 수행하세요.

이제 여러분의 활약이 필요한 순간입니다.

- Apsharanta can be accessed by player level 81 and higher through a rift in Inggison/Gelkmaros.

- Even though it’s a server-wide map, the Dimensional Hourglass (120 min) is not required, and the map can be used without restrictions.

- Resurrection skills, resurrection items, Obelisk resurrection, Quna resurrection, Mounts, and Kisks can all be used. However, Kisks can not be used in certain areas and Summon Group Member can not be used.

2. Artifact Warefare has been added.

8.0 image4.png

- There are 13 Operation districts in Apsharanta. The district will be occupied by the race that controls the Artifact.

- Occupation NPCs will appear in the owned districts and will maintain for 1h.

- You can accept and complete quests in each occupied district.

- However, quests in the 11th and 12th districts can be accepted and completed regardless of the occupying race.

3. Legion Quests, Dispatch Quests have been added.

- Legion Quests are automatically accepted when entering an area occupied by the same race.

- You can check accepted Legion Quests in the [Mission/Legion Quests] tab.

8.0 image5.png

- You can acquire Legion Quests for the other race in each district. Quest details can be checked by hovering the mouse over the [Map - Operation District Icon].

- Legion Quests have fixed time, and can only be acquired and completed during the occupation.

- When the remaining time on a Legion Quest ends, the ongoing quest will disappear. However, quest items will remain in the inventory.

8.0 quest.png

- When you open the map, Dispatch Quests will be displayed next to the map.

- Dispatch Quests give rewards when you complete Legion Quests a given number of times.

- The Dispatch Quests have a fixed deadline and when the time runs over, the ongoing quest will reset and change to another quest.

- The number of times you can complete a Dispatch Quest depends on your Legion’s reputation.

4. Legion Reputation system has been added.

8.0 image7.png

- Legion Reputation Points can be acquired by completing Legion Quests.

- When Legion’s reputation level rises, additional benefits like teleportation and exclusive shops become available.

- Legion Reputation operates on a seasonal basis, and there is no weekly deduction.

5. Raid Monsters have been added.

8.0 image8.png

- After entering Apsharanta, you will see the spawn time of Raid Monsters on the Mini-Map.

- Raid Monster’s spawn time decreases by 10min every time a district becomes occupied.

8.0 image9.png

- When a Raid Monster appears, the following phenomenons appear in Apsharanta.

● All kisks will be destroyed with the appearance message.

● All Pcs are teleported back to their main camp.

● All districts return to the Balaur.

● The entrance to the Heart of Apsharanta dungeon disappears, and the Weakened Gate of Vigilance appears.

- Defeat Raid Monsters to acquire valuable items like Daevanion Skillbooks and Apsu’s Illusion Equipment.

6. Various activities have been added to Apsharanta.

- At night, a Black Market Trader appears in Apsharanta.

- Scouts in need of help appear near each district.

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Instanced Dungeon

1. Heart of Apsharanta dungeon has been added.

8.0 image11.png

Entrance Players Level Entries Reset
Apsharanta 2~6 81+ 2 Wednesday, 9:00

- In the Heart of Apsharanta dungeon, players can obtain the new “Ultimate Fighting Spirit” equipment.

- Can not be accessed during Apsharanta Raid.

2. Reset time for the Tower of Challenge has been changed to Wednesday at 9:00.

3. When leaving a Hard difficulty instance, the exit location has been changed to the entrance of the dungeon.

8.0 image12.png


1. The maximum level has been changed to 85.

2. Daevanion Talent system has been added.

8.0 image13.png

- When you reach level 81, you will learn your first Daevanion Talent, and each time you level up, you will learn more Talents you can use.

- For each level between 81 and 85, you will automatically learn 1 Talen, and the remaining ones can be unlocked by using Skill books.

- You can only select one Talent per level, and in order to change them, you must meet with the Daevanion Master or use the “데바니온 활석” item.

- “데바니온 활석” can be obtained as a reward for Legion Quests or crafted with Magical Crafting.

- Daevanion Masters are located in Inggison, Gelkmaros, and Apsharanta.

3. The Divine Power (DP) acquisition method and the DP requirements for skills have been changed.

- DP can be acquired by using specific skills for each class or by performing certain actions.

- Skills and actions that generate DP can be found under “Talents” and “Daevanion Talents”.

- Outside of combat, your DP will gradually decrease.

4. During the event, an Avatar Character can be created.

- 1 Avatar Character can be created per account.

※ Note: If you delete an Avatar Character, you will not be able to create another one.

- The Avatar Character is level 80 with the necessary equipment and consumables provided.

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Lord’s Relic

1. Lord’s Relic System has been added.

Elyos Asmodian

- Players that reached level 85 can activate the Relic through Kaisinel (Elyos) and Marchutan (Asmodian) at each race’s base camp in Apsharanta.

- Relic’s level can be increased by using “주신의 성수” item.

- 주신의 성수 can be obtained from Legion Quests and Magical Crafting.

- As the Relic's level rises, so do the Relic’s stats.

- When Relic’s level reaches a certain level, a Relic Skill is unlocked and is added to the player’s Trait Skills. Relic’s Skill stats apply to the character, but currently, applied stats are not reflected in the Character's UI.

- Lord’s Relic operates on a seasonal basis and resets when the season ends.


1. New Pledge system has been added.

- Skills can be added to Weapons and Armour pieces using Pledges.

- The Pledge skill can be granted repeatedly, and each time, the granted Pledge skill is applied based on set probability.

- Pledge Skills have grades and levels and the higher the grade and level, the higher the skill effect.

- If Pledge skills are given to multiple equipment parts, new trait skills will be added or an additional effect will be activated depending on the skill combination.

※ Nore, Skin Skills and Pledge Skills can not be used on the same piece of equipment. Only the skill added later will remain.

- Pledges can be added at the “Pledge Altar” in Apsharanta.

- To add a Pledge Skill, you will need a “서약의 석판” item and Kinah.

- 서약의 석판 can be obtained from Legion Quests, Magical Crafting, and Rain Monsters.

- The Pledge Altar appears when one or more of the 1st, 2nd, and 4th districts are occupied by the same race and can only be used by that race.

Mounts Cube

1. Mounts Cube system has been added.

- You can register a Mount you have in your inventory in the Mounts Cube and use it whenever you want.

- The appearance and Mount Details can be checked in the Mounts Cube.

- The registration will proceed automatically after using a Mount.

- If a Mount with expiration time is added, and another copy of the same Mount is added later on, the expiration time will accumulate.

- When a permanent version of a Mount is already registered, a temporary version can not be registered.

- The expiration time of temporary Mounts will start counting from the first usage after registration.

- A Mount can be used by dragging the icon to the quick bar, clicking on the [Mount] button, or icon in the Cube.


1. New Legendary Transformation, “Apsharanta Adventurer”, has been added.

Grade Transformation Effect
Legendary Apsharanta Adventurer Attack Speed 25%

Casting Speed 18%

Speed 60%

Healing Boost 57

Physical Attack 90

Magic Attack 90

Magic Resist 287

Crit Strike 237

Crit Spell 237

- It can be obtained by using “[이벤트] 아프사란타 모험가 변신 계약서”.

Items & Rewards

1. New “Ultimate Fighting Spirit” and “Apsu’s Illusion” equipment have been added.

2. Jorgoth’s Tier 4 weapons have been added.

3. New appearance equipment has been added.

4. The basic stats of extreme equipment have been adjusted.

5. Ultimate Ciclonica, Ultimate Spiked, and Ultimate Fighting Spirit equipment have been added to the Item Collection.

6. The tooltips of Flag and Experience Crystal items have been fixed.

7. Some Atreia Pass rewards for players connecting from a Pcroom have been changed.

8. “[PC방] 차원의 모래시계(60분)” has been added to Lumiel’s Simple Transmorph.

9. PvE Enchantment Stones and PvP Enchantment Stones can now be exchanged for one another by Seona in Inggison, and Metalla in Gelkmaros.

10. Fortress Occupation Reward Box will now give PvE Enchantment Stones instead of PvP ones.

11. Quests that gave players PvP Enchantment Stones will now give PvE ones instead.

12. Extreme Equipment Box can now be obtained from S rank in the Beshmundir Storm Temple (normal) dungeon.

13. (Splendid) Smuggler Shukiruk can now appear in the Beshmundir Storm Temple (normal) dungeon with a certain probability.

14. (Splendid) Smuggler Shukiruk can now appear in the Beninerk’s Manor (easy/normal), Stella Development Laboratory (easy/normal), Prometun’s Workshop (normal/difficult), Ara Infernalia (easy/normal).

15. The probability of obtaining incomplete Jorgoth weapons from Beninerk’s Manor (easy/normal), Stella Development Laboratory (easy/normal), Prometun’s Workshop (normal/difficult), Ara Infernalia (easy/normal), Beshmundir Storm Temple (easy/normal) has been increased.

16. “궁극의 극강 강화석 교환권 꾸러미” has been added to the Inggison/Gelkmaros/Lakrum Glory Shops.

Kerubar's Quick Guide

1. Kerubar's Quick Guide has been added.

- By performing Kerubar's Quick Guide missions you can acquire various items and guide items.

2. Kerubar's Quick Guide missions can be performed from level 76.

Lugbug Mission

1. Apsharanta region missions have been added.


1. The ToS and Server Selection screens have been changed.

2. The “Guide” tab in the Mission/Quest window has been changed to “Wind Road”


1. Broker Fees have been adjusted.


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