6.0 Update - Character

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1. Character abilities have been reorganized to make them easier to understand.

- Magic Attack and Magic Boost will now be Magic Attack.

- Physical Defence has been added, and all magical and physical defenses will now be called ‘Magical/Physical Defence’.

- ‘Magic Defence’ has been added, and Magic Suppression will now be part of 'Magic Defence’ stat.

- Physical Damage has been added. Attack will now be part of the ‘Physical Damage’ stat.

- ‘PVP/PVE Damage/Defence’ have been added. (They are not the same as existing PVP/PVP damage attributes.)

- Less efficient attributes have been removed. (Enmity, Strike Fortitude, Fire Resist, Stun Penetration) (Existing items will remain unchanged)

2. Basic attributes have been changed according to each profession and PVE/PVP calculation has been changed.

3. Newly created characters will now start at a different location. Elyos: Griffoen, Asmodian: Habrok

4. The number of deaths and the effect of resurrection for all characters have been reset.

5. Kunamun’s Salvation function has been added. It allows you to resurrect immediately after dying.

6. Power Shard functions have been removed and all existing Power Shards have been moved to the inventory.

7. The time to move to the selected point on a map has been changed from 10s to 3s.

8. The number of Abyss Points deduced from a character when a PC dies has been changed.

9. New/Returning players will no longer benefit from a drop increasing buff.

10. The energy of Growth has been removed.

6.0 - REFLY
60 table3.png


New land, Lakrum, where Ereshkigal is hiding after her failed atempt to destroy Atreia.
60 table2.png


Prometun's Workshop, Makarna of Bitterness and Draupnir Fortress.
60 table1.png


New Fortress. Changes to the Contribution system. Battle League removed.
60 table4.png


Changes to the Character's abilities.
60 table5.png


Removed, changed and improved skills. New Daevanion Skills.
60 table6.png


New transformation systems. Crafting profession removed.
60 table7.png


New currencies. Changes to the old items.
60 table8.png


New UIs to make your life easier.
60 table9.png


New quests and organizations.
60 table12.png


Other changes.