5.0 Update - Instance Dungeons

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New Instanced Dungeons

1. Library of Knowledge has been added.

하이데바는 힘을 되찾는 과정에서 아이온 탑을 파괴할 수 있는 아티팩트의 존재에 대해서 알게 된다. 이 이야기를 듣게 된 대행자는 아이온 탑 중심부에 있는 아티팩트를 적이 먼저 손에 넣을 경우 큰 위협이 될 것이라고 우려하며 서둘러 원정대를 조직하여 영원의 탑으로 출발한다.
대행자의 요청으로 영원의 탑에 도착한 하이데바는 조사 대원에게 아이온 탑의 결계가 약해져 기둥에 공간을 뒤트는 틈이 생겨난 것을 알게 된다. 조사 대원은 아직 모든 틈으로 들어갈 수 있는 건 아니지만 Library of Knowledge로 갈 수 있는 입구는 이용할 수 있다는 것을 알려준다.
함께 할 동료를 모아 대행자가 기다리고 있는 Library of Knowledge로 들어가자!

- Library of Knowledge can only be accessed from the Tower of Eternity.


Entrance to the Tower appears randomly in those areas


Difficulty is much higher than what you experienced in the
High Daeva Mission

Instanced Dungeon Level
Number of Entries Main Rewards
Library of Knowledge 66+
Group (6)
4 entries a week
Wednesday 9:00am
Maze Set
Chosen Guardian's Set

Related> Library of Knowledge

New Instanced Dungeons

New instances have been added to Esterra and Nosra regions.

Instanced Dungeon Level
Number of Entries Main Rewards
Adma Ruins 66+
Group (6)
2 entries a week
Wednesday 9:00am
Ruin Fiend's Set
Karemiwen's Gown
Elemental Lord's Laboratory 66+
Group (6)
2 entries a week
Wednesday 9:00am
Elemental Lord's Set
Galateia's Dress


Both instances are located not far from the base


Neither are very difficult

Other Instanced Dungeons

1. Issue with some instance entrances not being usable under certain conditions has been fixed.

2. Existing instances maximum level has been increased to make High Daevas able to take advantage of them.

3. Issue with Beritra appearing again in Makarna in some situations has been resolved.

4. Issue with Zadra re-initializing the battle in the Cursed Argent Manor has been fixed.

5. Issue with abnormal messages appearing in the Territorial Battle has been fixed.


High Daeva: Successor of Eternity
065bcc0bb2a62a9b5600d1c3.png Environment Atreia's Ancient Sanctuary that was asleep for thousands of years. New regions, Esterra and Nosra emerge.
D137f985138aaa069d87d804.png Character You can evolve to a High Daeva through a mission. High Daevas can level up to 75 and use Creativity to increase their abilities.
D982ccc540fd09640672fd14.png Instance Dungeons 3 new instances have been added including Library of Knowledge. New dungeons are only available to High Daevas.
45ed9e7b95bae0fe2a6efffd.png Item High Daeva-only Items have been added. High Daevas can used them regardless of the level, some of their features haven't been seen before.
3ab93c59a3b08d3c0e8ac327.png Quest High Daeva Mission in the Library of Knowledge has been added. Various quests in the new regions have been added.
E16eb76f94ff3198ab3d744f.png Skills High Daevas can use Creativity to strengthen their skills and learn transformation abilities.
A142eb424a46e7503b8518f9.png UI Features related to enchanting/remodelling can now be accessed from one window.
9a1665b3428f16e0c753fddf.png Etc Other changes.