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4.5 introduces a new system for instance dungeon entry. The previous system based on cooldown time will change to one based on entry count.

Each character will have a certain amount of entries allowed per time period until the entry count reset time. Each instance has its own entry count as well as reset time. Reset times may be daily or weekly.

Here is a comparison of the Instance Info screen (activated through the in-game menu or by typing “/checkentry” in chat) before and after the launch of 4.5.





In the screenshot above, you can see the entry count for each instance. You will no longer need to wait an allotted time for each instance, but can enter as many times as you wish at your convenience so long as you have entries available.

Whether or not you run out of entries, you can always increase your entry count by using a “Bonus Entry Scroll”. All current time scrolls will become bonus entry scrolls automatically.

Here is an image of the tooltip that appears when you hover over an instance on the map:





Notice in the below example that Runadium now shows 2/4 under Entry Count. This is because a user used 2 of their 4 available entries for the time period. This user can now use the remaining entry at any point they like.


Once all entries are used, the column then displays the time remaining until the next entry count reset time - this way, you can tell how long you need to wait until the entry count returns to the default maximum.


Unused entries do not carry over – the exception to this is when you have a green number due to exceeding the default entry count. But keep in mind that even if you use a bonus entry scroll and then do not run the instance, that entry will not carry over unless you are above the default count.

Note the green text in the entry count below, and that the default maximum has been exceeded:


This can only happen when a bonus entry scroll is used.

Since the count can be exceeded, it is always possible to use a bonus entry scroll. (In the current system, you can only use a scroll when you are on cooldown.) For this reason, take caution not to unintentionally use an entry scroll. Does this affect all instances or only certain ones, like new instances?

It affects all instances.

What day does the instance count reset?

It depends on the instance. The count will reset at 9 a.m. on the days listed in the “/checkentry” dialog.

Do unused entries carry over after the reset time?

Only if the default maximum count is exceeded, for example 3/2 or 4/3. The number will appear in a green font in this case.

Do I need to use all my current cool time scrolls before 4.5 launches?

No. They will automatically become bonus entry scrolls and you can use them to add to your entry count.

How will the Gold Pack work with the new system?

It will grant you an additional amount of entries for the same time period. Basically, it increases your base entry count.

When I hover over an instance, the entry count appears blank. What does this mean?

It means that there is no maximum entry count – the instance can be entered an unlimited amount of times.