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Invasion of the Sky Islands!



Invasion of the Sky Islands is a set of mini-events that can be triggered by the players.

Hunt monsters, kill spies and defend your land from aerial attacks.

For completing each step, you will be rewarded with better items.

Learn more about each stage here:

Sky Islands
Skydynamic.png Step 1 - Dynamic Monsters Find and kill as many dynamic monsters as you can. After each kill, there is a low chance an enemy Spy will show up.
Skyportal.png Step 2 - Spies Kill enough spies to open a rift to a Sky Island.
Skyisland.png Step 3 - Sky Islands As an protector, advance through a corridor, and kill hoards of incoming enemy NPCs.

As a infiltrator, advance through a special Rift and help your comrades with the attack.

Airship.png Step 4 - Airship Battle Protect your Sky Islands and prepare for a massive sky attack.

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