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Special Keys for all Returning Daevas!

In some instances Returning Daeva's Boxes have been placed. To open a box a Returning Daeva's must be in possession of one of the Returning Daeva's Keys, after opening the box every party member can loot additional rewards. Additionally, by adding a Returning Daeva to your party whole group receives a 10% item drop increase thanks to the reward for returning user buff. Every returning player should be a great addition to your group.

■ Benefits for doing instances with the Returning Daeva's

1. Additional compensation from Returning Daeva's Boxes

2. Item drop rate for the whole party is increased by 10%

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Returning Daeva's Keys

There are two types of Returning Daeva's Keys for each type of box.

Additionally, each Key will disappear after 7 days if not used.

Level Name Description

1Returnees' Box Key (7 days)Use this key to open the Returnees' Box.

1Returnees' Noble Box Key (7 days)Use this key to open the Returnees' Noble Box.

Obtaining Keys

Keys can be bouth for Dispatch Coins in the Returning Daeva's Sanctuary.

You will need 4 Hero's Coins to buy a key, Dispatch Coins can be collected from Returning Daeva's Support Quests.


Exchnage 4 Dispatch Coin for a key

Gather additional Dispatch Coins from Returnee quests


Instances where Returning Daeva's Keys can be used

Only in some instances Returning Daeva's Boxes appear.

After killing instance's final boos in his place a box appears.

Affected instances and bosses are as follows.

Instance Entry Level Target Boss Compensation
Draupnir Cave 39+ Commander Bakarma Compensation Box
Returning Daeva's Box

Required Key
Returnees' Box Key (7 days)

[Jakunerk] Returnees' Bundle

Theobomos Lab 46+ Unstable Triroan
Adma Stronghold 46+ Lord Lannok
Dark Poeta 48+ Calindi Flamelord
Tahabata Pyrelord
Udas Temple 51+ Devoted Anurati
Lower Udas Temple 51+ Debilkarim the Maker
Beshmundir Temple 53+ Stormwing(Normal)
Rentus Base 57+ Brigade General Vasharti Compensation Box
Returning Daeva's Shiny Box

Required Key
Returnees' Noble Box Key (7 days)

[Jakunerk] Returnees' Noble Bundle

Tiamat's Fortress 57+ Brigade General Tahabata
Tiamat's Hideout 60+ Tiamat
Jormungand's Bridge 63+ Artillery
Rune Tribe Refuge 63+ Supreme Healer Tagnu
Sauro War Depot 65+ Guard Leader AchradimBrigade General Sita of the 40th Army
Rune Shield Tower 65+ Dynatum Prototype


Kill a boss to make a box appear in his place

When a Returning Daevas opens a box all party members can loot
additional rewards


Compensation Packages

In instances blow level 55 players can receive [Jakunerk] Returnees' Bundle, in level 56~65 instances [Jakunerk] Returnees' Noble Bundle.

Packages contain various support items as well as parts of equipment. If you are very luck you can even find boxes containing weapons and armour pars of Defence Squad Leader's set.

42766154e98c1da3de9a4d73.jpg [Jakunerk] Returnees' Bundle
When you open the bundle you receive 1 of following items
e5bb1efd334cd371ac1924c2.jpg [Jakunerk] Returnees' Noble Bundle
When you open the bundle you receive 1 of following items
[Jakunerk] Elite Tribunus's Weapons Chest
[Jakunerk] Elite Tribunus's Armour Chest
Bundle of Illusion Godstones
[Jakunerk] Bundle of Crit Strike Scrolls
[Jakunerk] Bundle of Crucible Symbols
Courage Insignia 50
[Jakunerk] Elemental Defence Bundle
[Jakunerk] Simple Bundle of Regenerating Manastones
[Jakunerk] Chest containing Victory Wish Food
[Jakunerk] Bundle containing high-quality Manastones
[Jakunerk] Box of Stormwing Wings
Icy Premium Power Shard 500

[Jakunerk] Defence Squad Leader's Holy Weapons Chest
[Jakunerk] Defence Squad Leader's Holy Armour Chest
[Jakunerk] Weapons Chest of Strife
[Jakunerk] Armour Chest of Strife
[Jakunerk] Box for the Ancient Spirit's Hat
Bundle of Illusion Godstones
Shimmering Idian of Victory: Physical Attack
Shimmering Idian of Victory: Magic Attack
Shimmering Idian of Victory: Phys. Defence
Shimmering Idian of Victory: Magic Defence
[Jakunerk] Chest containing Victory Wish Food
[Jakunerk] Bundle of Crit Strike Scrolls
[Jakunerk] Elemental Defence Bundle
[Jakunerk] Large Bundle of Regenerating Manastones
[Jakunerk] Simple Bundle of Regenerating Manastones
Bundle of Gleaming Ancient Manastones
[Jakunerk] Bundle containing high-quality Manastones
Icy Premium Power Shard 500


In a level 53 instance only Fabled packages can be found

in instances above level 59 you can find Eternal packages


Returning Daeva's Guide
6afccbf98d550d8a21be3d7e.jpg Returning Daeva's Sanctuary Place only for Returning Daevas.
Various features and benefits await you inside.
b849c45fb72b1bd4cb492653.jpg Returning Stone of Refuge The key to the Returning Deava's Sanctuary.
You can get special buffs while in possession of this item.
bcf6917c7647a5044d8e930f.jpg Returning Daeva's Support Equipment New equipment to support all Returning Daevas.
Equipment items are divined between those for levels 46 and higher and 55 and higher.
b9c202e2fecdb83f44d939da.jpg Returning Daeva's Support Quests Returning Daevas can complete special quests.
Go back to he Sanctuary and start doing quests in your level range.
91d9c3b17b2217e7ed7f9e66.jpg Returning Daeva's Support Key Instance Key for the returning players.
Open support boxes in instances to obtain special rewards.

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