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Returning Daeva's Sanctuary, a special place for returning players!

Returning Daeva's Sanctuary has been added to give better support to players that decided to return to the game.

Sanctuary gives many benefits for all returning players.

■ Key Features

1. Returning Daeva's Support Quests
2. Corridors to Instance Entrances
3. Returning Daeva's Support Equipment Upgrade
4. Discounted Goods
5. Special Supplies
6. Aura of Relaxation


Every returning Daeva receives Returning Stone of Refuge granting access to the Sanctuary.

You will receive it automatically and you will receive additional quests (Elyos:  / Asmodian: ).

■ Orb

You can return to the Sanctuary by double-clicking on the Returning Stone of Refuge. (Can be reused every 10min)


Orb is given to all returning Daevas

Double-click on the orb to use it like a scroll


■ Statue

You can teleport to the Sanctuary through statue in the main cities.


Location of the statue in Sanctum

Elyos Statue Entrance



Location of the statue in Pandaemonium

Asmodian Statue Entrance



Inside the Sanctuary you can find various NPCs.

NPCs are responsible for many features designed only for the returning players.

NPCs Features
Support Instructor NPCs responsible for all Returning Daeva's Support Quests.
Corridors There are 4 portals that you can use to teleport to many instance entrances.In fron you can find NPCs giving Returning Daeva's Support Quests.
Equipment NPCs responsible for Returning Daeva's Support Equipment.
Merchants NPCs selling various good for 30% lower price.
Special Merchants NPCs selling scrolls, potions and food.
Warehouse Regular Warehouse NPC.
Relaxation Zone Zone where you can restore Energy of Repose up to 15% thanks to Light of Repose buff.


Returning Daeva's Sanctuary for Elyos



Returning Daeva's Sanctuary for Asmodians


Returning Daeva's Quests

Depending on your level you can find various quests in the Returning Daeva's Sanctuary.

They can be easily finished and give much better rewards then regular quests. In particular, you can use Returning Daeva's Support Key to get additional rewards and use Returning Daeva's Support Equipment to upgrade to a more end-game items.

■ Special Order Quests

Features Description
Level up and reward quests Give 7mln XP, 500k Kinah and can be easily finished.
Upgrade Materials Quests that allow you to upgrade Returning Daeva's Support Equipment ( Proof of a Hero, Proof of an Elite Hero ) are required.
Returning Daeva's Support Key Daily quests that give you Returning Daeva's Support Key. Returning Daeva's Support Keys can be used to receive additional rewards in instances.


Get Keys from daily quests!

compensation for one of the quests


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Instance Entrances

Instance corridors have been placed in the Sanctuary.

There are 4 portals, each teleports you to the entrance of the selected instance.

4 Corridors to Instances
Atreia Defence Corridor

Heiron/Theobomos Area

Beluslan/Brusthonin Area

1. Draupnir Cave

2. Dark Poeta

3. Adma Stronghold

4. Theobomos Lab

Balaurea Attack Corridor

Inggison Area

Gelkmaros Area

1. Taloc's Hollow

2. Udas Temple

3. Lower Udas Temple

4. Beshmundir Temple

Balaurea Offensive Corridor

Vengar/Signia Area

1. Aturam Sky Fortress

2. Rentus Base

3. Tiamat's Fortress

4. Tiamat's Hideout

5. Mantor

6. Jormungand's Bridge

7. Rune Tribe Refuge

Balaurea Conquest Corridor

Kaldor/Akaron Area

1. Sauro War Depot

2. Rune Shield Tower

3. Baruna Research Laboratory


Elyos Portals

Asmodian Portals


Equipment Upgrades

Returning Daeva's Support Equipment items can be upgraded.

To upgrade Daevanion Patrol's Set and Daevanion Elite Patrol's Set you need to collect items from Returning Daeva's Support Quests.


Upgarding Daevanion Patrol's items

Upgrading Daevanion Elite Patrol's items


■ Daevanion Patrol's

Upgrade [ Daevanion Patrol's Set > Tac Officer's Set ]. Can be upgraded by collecting various items.


■ Daevanion Elite Patrol's

Upgrade [ Daevanion Elite Patrol's Set > Rune Tribe Set ]. Can be upgraded by collecting various items.


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Vendor Discounts

In the Sanctuary Daevas can buy various goods.

The biggest feature is that those goods are 30% cheaper then the ones from regular vendors. You can only buy limited amount of items but the limit resets at 10:00am.



[Patrol] Bundle of Power Shards: +40

[Patrol] Stigma Shards Bundle

Lesser Idian: Physical Attack

Lesser Idian: Magic Attack

Greater Idian: Physical Attack

Greater Idian: Magic Attack

Fine Idian: Physical Attack

Fine Idian: Magic Attack


Individual, Group, Alliance, Legion

Magic Items

Various Scrolls Merchants








Tripeed Seed

Tripeed Fruit

Scolopen Poison

Worg Soul Level 1

Worg Soul Level 2

Dimensional Fragment


You can buy various goods like Stigma Shards and Idians

You can buy scrolls to various locations



In the Sanctuary you can find a special Merchant.

He sells scrolls, food and potions at the best price.

You can only buy a limited amount of goods a day but the limit will reset at 10:00am every day.

Merchant Selling Special Goods


[Patrol] Poma Wine Herb Dumpling

[Patrol] Crestlich Herb Sausage

[Patrol] Crestlich Herb Sandwich


[Patrol] Enhanced Recovery Potion

[Patrol] Enhanced Recovery Serum

[Patrol] Enhanced Life Serum

[Patrol] Enhanced Life Potion

[Patrol] Enhanced Mana Serum

[Patrol] Enhanced Mana Potion

Supplies  [Patrol] Running Scroll

[Patrol] Courage Scroll

[Patrol] Awakening Scroll


You can buy Potions

and 3 types of Scrolls


Energy Charging

There is a huge space in the Sanctuary where players can receive Light of Repose buff.

In this place players can restore the Energy of Repose up to 15%.


Place where you can restore Energy of Repose

This place restores HP an MP as well


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Returning Daeva's Guide
6afccbf98d550d8a21be3d7e.jpg Returning Daeva's Sanctuary Place only for Returning Daevas.
Various features and benefits await you inside.
b849c45fb72b1bd4cb492653.jpg Returning Stone of Refuge The key to the Returning Deava's Sanctuary.
You can get special buffs while in possession of this item.
bcf6917c7647a5044d8e930f.jpg Returning Daeva's Support Equipment New equipment to support all Returning Daevas.
Equipment items are divined between those for levels 46 and higher and 55 and higher.
b9c202e2fecdb83f44d939da.jpg Returning Daeva's Support Quests Returning Daevas can complete special quests.
Go back to he Sanctuary and start doing quests in your level range.
91d9c3b17b2217e7ed7f9e66.jpg Returning Daeva's Support Key Instance Key for the returning players.
Open support boxes in instances to obtain special rewards.

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