PVE Damage

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PVE Damage is an offensive attribute and affects a character’s ability to inflict damage with physical and magical attacks in PVE.

It works exactly as Physical Damage and Magical Damage.

Every 100 PVE Damage increases the damage by 10% of the skill's base value.

Ex. 1) The base damage of Call Lightning is 5,960 . 100 PVE Damage will increase it by 596 to a total of 6,556.

Note) If the character has any other damage multiplier, for example Enhance Attack, which increases PVE damage by 100%, the base damage will be twice as high. 11,920 => 11,920 + (10% * 11,920) = 13.112.

Ex. 2) If you have 500 Magical/Physical Damage and 300 PVE Damage, the result in damage will be the same as if you had 800 Magical/Physical Damage and 0 PVE Damage, or 0 Magical/Physical Damage and 800 PVE Damage.

For Call Lightning, the final damage will be 10,728.

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