Kubrinerk's Cube Laboratory

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- Available for levels 80
- Available 7 times a week (Wed 9:00)
- Solo Dungeon


- Normal, Elite and boss monsters


- Cubicles






Kubrinerk's Cube Laboratory is an institute that researches the Cubic.

Sadly, it has been confirmed that Shulacks have plundered the laboratory.

Help Kublic take his lab back and learn more about the Cubic.

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Background Story

The ingenious Kubrinerk hid his Cube Laboratory in a spatial tear and was able to dedicate himself to the research of Cubes in peace. But the plundering Shulack specifically search such spatial tears for loot, and found the Cube Laboratory ripe for the taking. Kubrinerk was able to escape, but the rest of the researchers were overwhelmed by the Shulack and forced to produce cubes in large quantities. The high-quality cubes then fell exclusively into the hands of Malarkin, the leader of the Shulack, and self-proclaimed scientist.

How to Enter

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1. When capturing a Lakrum Garrison, there is a chance for the entrance to the Kubrinerk's Cube Laboratory to appear.

2. The entrance to the Kubrinerk's Cube Laboratory will only appear for 12min.

[!] Only up to 24 people can use the entrance to the Laboratory.



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Inside the dungeon, you can only use 5 special skills that you are given upon entering. Mercenary Pattern Engraving can put up to 5 runes on the target and is best in conjunction with Mercenary Pattern Explosion for maximum efficiency.

Skills Skill Effect
Mercenary Pattern Engraving Deals 1500 damage to up to 5 enemies and engraves yhem.
Mercenary Charge Rushes to a target up to 12m away to hit it.
Mercenary Pattern Explosion Deals damage and removes engravings from the targets within 2m radius making them expload.
Mercenary's Strike Deals 90,000 damage to a single target.
Mercenary's Recovery Recovers 30,000 HP.

Kublin’s Shugo Mercenary NPC

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Kubrinerk's Cube Laboratory is a solo dungeon, but 5 Shugo Mercenaries will accompany you throughout the instance.

Entrance to the Collapsed Laboratory

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1. After entering the dungeon, click on the bomb next to Kublin and wait few seconds.

2. The rocks that were blocking the path are now gone and the battle starts!

Refined Life Aether

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Refined Life Aether can appear each time you kill a Shulack.

If you don’t have enough HP, use the Refined Life Aether.

Norakiki and Tarukiki

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“I will sweep all of them!” is a sign when the bomb skill will be used.

Be careful as it’s an AoE attack.

Norakin/Parakin Mechanical Bomb

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Norakin/Parakin Mechanical Bombs appear when attacking Mechanikin and Madrukin.

When Parakin's Mechanical Bomb appears Use Parakin's Control Device
When Norakin's Mechanical Bomb appears Use Norakin's Control Device


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When you kill Mechanikin, the final boss Madrukin will appear.

When the boss uses a bomb, he will shout “I am Madrukin and you cannot outsmart me!”.

It’s recommended to move away from the circles on the ground.


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The final rank is based on the remaining time when the boss dies, it is confirmed that you will get more Cubicles when you achieve rank S.

Rank Remaining Time
S 00:51:00
A 00:48:00
B 00:00:00

3 Cubic boxes will appear in place of Madrukin.

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Each box contains a random Cubicle with matching characteristics.

Survivalist's Cube

Life Cubic Mosbear’s Life Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle
Mana Cubic Agrint’s Mana Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle
Blessing Cubic Trico’s Blessing Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle
Silence Cubic Caryatid’s Silence Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle
Agile Cubic Airon’s Agility Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle

Defender's Cube

Protection Cubic Starturtle’s Protection Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle
Guard Cubic Scolopen’s Guard Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle
Honour Cubic Specter’s Honour Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle
Oath Cubic Angolem’s Oath Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle

Aggressor's Cube

Insane Cubic Worg’s Insane Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle
Wisdom Cubic Griffon’s Wisdom Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle
Reason Cubic Oculazen’s Reason Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle
Will Cubic Malodor’s Will Gold/Silver/Bronze Cubicle

Bonus Reward

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Bonus Cubic Boxes can appear when attacking enemies inside the instance.


Kubrinerk's Cube Laboratory
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