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The Cleric is a Daeva who follows the Star of Healing. It uses magic power to strengthen the body and to heal injuries. It can also restore life by using a revival spell when a Daeva’s soul and body are separated. In addition to supporting its allies, it is also capable of wielding a mace and shield when a melee battle occurs.

The Elysean clerics follow the teachings Yustiel, the Lord of Life, while the Asmodian clerics serve Marchutan, the Lord of Destiny. Aca92d32f68c2bf919337d88.png

Cleric Characteristics

 Basic Attributes  Power 105 / Health 110 / Agility 90 / Accuracy 90 / Knowledge 105 / Will 110
 Available Weapons  Mace / Staff
 Available Armor  Chain / Shield
 Class Features
  • Has a variety of recovery skills, including the ability to resurrect others
  • Can cast ranged spells to damage and debuff opponents
  • Can temporarily buff itself and others through magic

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Combat Roles and Abilities

The Cleric specializes in protecting and recovering its comrades. A successful group without a Cleric just doesn’t exist, as the Cleric possesses a core position within the group.

The Cleric’s recovery and resurrection magic are its greatest characteristics. This sometimes earns them the nickname "The Walking Potion." However, to be effective, Clerics must wisely use tools at their disposal to not run out of mana and leave a group vulnerable.

As well as being able to equip cloth and leather, the Cleric can also wear chain armor. This, in addition to its recovery skills, gives it tremendous defensive potential that is only surpassed by the Warrior classes.

85768da966b445668a78794e.png D483e55c99ef80d1c91e682e.png

D16e5e05d45d3f6711b819d8.png While most of its skills focus on recovery and abnormal condition removal, one should not underestimate the Cleric’s damage potential. Though it has relatively few attack skills, most are ranged spells. This allows the Cleric to whittle down its foes before moving in to use its melee skills. This, as well as its other abilities, makes the Cleric a well rounded combatant.

Solo and Group Play

Solo Play

While the Cleric is less effective than other classes during solo play, its ability to heal itself during combat allows it to outlast many of its opponents with ease. However, this means it will need to rest between fights to maintain a steady pace.

8b2bf78fbff1a1d88a2880d5.png Most of the attack skills Clerics possess are ranged spells. This allows the Cleric the ability to do most of the damage to an opponent before it can even get to melee range. Some opponents can even be defeated long before they can touch a Cleric.

However, most skills available require a good amount of mana to be used. This can make if difficult to engage in battle for a very long time. In order to overcome this, the Cleric must learn to efficiently use both its attack and recovery skills. Also skills such as Reverse Condition or Penance can be used to decrease the time spent resting between encounters.

Group Play

The Cleric is said to develop its true abilities during party play. Generally, it has the role of healing and buffing either a tank or damage dealer, depending on the makeup of a group. However, it can help with creature control by using restraining spells, as well as helping damage opponents.

The healing skills available to the Cleric includes both large heals that affect a target immediately and those that regenerate health over time. Skills that heal over time allow the Cleric to be effective while waiting for larger healing spells to cool down and become available for use again. However, in the event a party member is defeated, the Cleric is able to resurrect them in order to get them back into a fight quickly.

But such recovery or resurrection skills consumes a good amount of mana, and the cooldowns of each varies. This means the Cleric must be mindful of efficiently using the right skills at the right time, depending on the situation.