Balaur Marching Route

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- High Daeva-only battlefield
- Available for levels 66 and higher
- Group vs Group (6v6)
- 2 entries a day (Daily 9:00)
- Available at 0:00~02:00, 12:00~14:00 (13:00~15:00 Wed), 19:00~21:00


- Level 71 monsters


- Marching Route Reward Chest
- Abyss Points, Honour Points



2 entries a week (Wed, Sat 9:00)

Collect points from Shugos! High Daeva battlefield, Suspicious Jormungand Marching Route!

Suspicious Jormungand Marching Route is a High Daeva battlefield where you compete against a team from the opposite race is a 6vs6 formation.

You have 20 min to find parts to test the weapon, compete with a team from the opposite race to win.

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Background Story

The Elyos and Asmodian armies heard reports of meetings between Shulack traders and the Beritra Army at the Balaur Marching Route, and sent teams to investigate. They found evidence that the Shulacks were trafficking prototype weapon components, and have enlisted help from a group of Shugo looters to retrieve the weapon parts.


- Admission is only possible once a day on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

- Like with other battlefields, when the time is right a system notification and the battlefield button will appear in the right corner of your screen.

- It's possible to create a private entry, join existing group or apply as a pre-made party.

- When all slots have been filled, you will be matched with a random group from the opposite race.



Quest Name Min

XP 39,090,822

Kinah 155,160


XP 7,911,702

Kinah 155,160


Quest Name Min

XP 39,090,822

Kinah 155,160


XP 7,911,702

Kinah 155,160

Main Rewards

1. Depending on the final score, different amount of Abyss Points will be distributed.

2. Depending on the final score, different amount of Honour Points will be distributed.

3. Players from the winning team will receive Marching Route Reward Chest.

- It contains Ancient coin(s), supplies, and even Re-Chargers.

5.1 High Daeva: Return of Glory
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Additional Updates KR - Update March 30th 2016

KR - Update April 6th 2016

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